Making a Hit Song in Disney’s 'Frozen II': Let It Go Into the Unknown

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Making a Hit Song in Disney’s 'Frozen II': Let It Go Into the Unknown

“Let It Go” started with a flurry, like your better storms do, a swirling of snowflakes, a quick lesson on fractals and then an avalanche of pent-up pressures sliding from the shoulders. The castle was a nice touch. As for how it ended, well, I’m not sure it has. It seems much more likely that Elsa’s song, unleashed into the world via the powerful singing of Idina Menzel, is still going, one long note stretching around the globe, frozen forever in a loop upon your playlist.

It’s hard to think of another song that has meant so much to its film, let alone the masses belting it out from classrooms to boardrooms and every karaoke bar between, than “Let It Go.” It transcended lines even the film didn’t cross, which, considering the record-setting popularity of Frozen, is amazing. People who have never seen the movie know the song from it, on par with the biggest hits of any genre, from any generation.

Which leads us into the unknown of Frozen II, literally, because that’s not just (super) clever wordplay you’re reading, but an acknowledgement of the ice-sculpted elephant in the room: Is Elsa’s big Frozen II number, “Into the Unknown,” the heir apparent to “Let It Go?” Is that even possible? Or fair?

If this Disney-released version of “Into the Unknown” performed by Panic! At the Disco is any indication, then yes, yes it is.